What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda (pronounced aah-yure-vay-dha) is literally translated as the knowledge of life. Life itself is defined as the “combination of the body, sense organs, mind and soul; the factor responsible for preventing decay and death, which sustains the body over time, and guides the processes of rebirth” (Charaka Samhita).

Simply stated, Ayurveda is a holistic healing system to harmonize the body, mind, and soul. Most all modern healing modalities have their roots in Ayurveda (reiki, acupuncture, herbalism, aromatherapy, sound, color, and gem therapies).

The first evidence of human writing dates back to 7000BC: these texts originated in India and contain the knowledge and philosophy of ancient Vedic society. These Sanskrit texts came after many years of conveying this knowledge base through oral tradition, so the true origins of Vedic sciences are even older. Ayurveda is one of the many great sciences from these sentinel texts. The ancient rishis (sages) used Ayurveda to maintain their health so they could continue unimpeded on their quest for enlightenment.


East meets West

Dr. Mohan discusses Western diagnoses and treatments with clients to help them understand their Western medical care. More importantly, we discuss how your ayurvedic process interfaces with your Western medical care. With training in both Ayurveda and Western Medicine, Dr. Mohan is able to offer a truly integrative approach to your ayurvedic process. We believe in the great power of natural healing remedies, and also believe in the great power of Western medicine. Each has their appropriate place, and we guide clients to appropriate medical professionals as needed. The difference is that our clients are educated and informed on their Western options and course of treatment.

More than symptom management

At first many clients are interested in finding relief from an ailment. We understand and believe everyone deserves wellbeing. However, we take things a bit further to examine root causes of dis-ease. In other words, how did you come to have this ailment in the first place and how can we prevent this in the future? In fact, through pulse and history, Dr. Mohan identifies areas of prevention for each client as part of her intake process. This way your ayurvedic process incorporates preventive approaches that are specific for you.

Ongoing support

Our lifestyles and habits, our life experience, and our constitutions all interplay to influence our vikruti, or current state of balance. We don’t expect you to be able to change your entire diet, routine, lifestyle, relationship dynamics, etc. overnight! Chances are it took many years to get you where you are, and may take time (and loving support) to change major aspects of your life affecting your health. We take the process step by step, creatively working through obstacles together. This is why our clients work with us for 6 months on average. Even past clients come in when they face new challenges or transitions and need extra support.

Herbal formulas made with love

Organic, and infused with healing intention, our formulas are made in house to address specific therapeutic goals. Herbs are safe for use by clients of all ages. We label our formulas so you always know what you are taking and why. We encourage our clients to research herbs on their own, and we even teach interested clients how to prepare their own formulas.

Empowerment through education

With over a decade of teaching experience, Dr. Mohan believes the key to empowering ourselves to healing is education. We educate clients on how and why each ayurvedic intervention or lifestyle pattern affects them. Have you ever been to an “alternative” healer and felt great afterwards, but not understood why? When you learn how ayurveda works, you can apply it yourself, and you can teach others. In this way, you slowly become empowered to heal yourself. Dr. Mohan educates clients on every aspect of their process. Our goal is to spread the wisdom of ayurveda as we experience it’s benefits firsthand.

Practicing what we preach

We remind ourselves that we are all human. We understand that the path to finding balance is not always easy, but believe that each of our paths is our spiritual evolution. We continue to strive for change and balance ourselves, applying ayurveda in our own lives in new ways.