Chiropractic After An Accident

Any chiropractor would attest to the fact that it’s vital to be seen by a chiropractor after any car accident. Unfortunately, these incidents can lead to soft tissue damage which isn’t immediately apparent. Even minor crashes can lead to these initially undetectable injuries. The reason why visiting a chiropractor is so important is because they can determine whether or not any soft tissue damage occurred during the auto accident. 

It’s imperative to make this visit to a chiropractor before agreeing to any settlement. Once a person takes a settlement from an insurance company, they can receive no further compensation from their accident. What if, however, soft tissue damage did occur? This will slowly start showing in the form of pain and stiffness days, weeks and even months later. Failing to have a chiropractor assess the situation before taking a settlement offer can sometimes leave a person covering substantial medical bills related to the accident on their own.

If severe structural damage that requires additional medical attention is present, the Santa Monica chiropractors at Arbor Vitae Wellness Center can make the appropriate referrals. If soft tissue damage or other spinal injuries are present, our professionals can perform therapy, spinal decompression or spinal adjustments to treat the injuries.