Pain Relief From Chiropractic Care

relief_careMost people never end up in a chiropractor’s office until they’re in serious pain. The chiropractor’s initial job is to help get these symptoms under control, and there are times when this could mean closely spaced, sometimes even daily, visits at first.

Many patients assume they are healed once their pain subsides after a few treatments however it is important for chiropractors to educate patients on the need for care even after pain has subsided to prevent further injuries or flare ups. The lack of pain is not always a predictor that the injury has healed completely. The simple truth is that pain usually only arises after a condition has gotten to an advanced stage.

The best way to visualize this problem is to consider cancer. Everyone knows that cancer doesn’t form just prior to the appearance of pain. It has usually progressed to a detrimental stage by the time pain is felt. This is also true for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and, on a lighter note, cavities. It’s okay to be excited when your pain subsides after a few appointments of Chiropractic Care, but just remember that as with any other health issue, the absence of pain doesn’t mean the absence of the condition.