Sports Accidents 

Sports injuries are a common cause of back pain, tension headaches and neck pain. Unfortunately, many athletes choose to “walk it off” when they sustain an injury, but this can worsen the injuries or cause a loss of mobility in the future. It’s imperative for an athlete to visit a chiropractor in Santa Monica  after an injury. The chiropractors at Arbor Vitae Wellness Center, are skilled in treating injuries in athletes.

Recent research has shown that the use of a chiropractor after a sports related injury was conducive to the athlete being back on the field sooner. These doctors can get misaligned segments of the spine back in place, speed the recovery of supportive tissues (ligaments, tendons, etc.) and even devise proper training additions that help prevent further injuries. To an athlete, being taken off the field and not able to play due to an injury is extremely frustrating. However, when treated with proper care from a chiropractor, their injury can be treated and heal more quickly getting them back on the field sooner.