Laying The Foundation to Wellness with Chiropractic Care 

patient_expectLike many things in life, Chiropractic Care isn’t about a one-size-fits-all quick fix. There is a process that must be adhered to, and this process can vary substantially from person to person. It’s best to look at the situation as a whole as a long journey. One step of the journey cannot be completed until the steps before it have come and pass.

Trying to get to one place without going through another is just like not going through the proper steps for Chiropractic Care. Failing to go through these steps in order will result in recurring problems and possibly even a complete lack of healing. There are three specific steps that must take place for a person to attain full relief. 

Step 1: Pain Relief 

The first thing a chiropractor should be focused on is getting rid of any pain that you may be in. Though the amount of necessary visits can vary depending on the specific problem, it’s not uncommon to need two to three visits a week for around one to three months.

Step 2: Restoration/Corrective Care

The restoration phase is meant to allow your body to heal in between sessions. This goes a long way in preventing further injury. During this phase, treatments may be needed between four and eight times a month, and depending on your injury, this frequency could last between six months to two years. 

Step 3: Wellness/Maintenance Care 

Just because your pain has subsided and your body has healed doesn’t mean that your journey is over. Short visits between one and four times every month will help reduce the chances of problems arising in the future.