10 All-Natural Tips for Preventing Holiday Stress

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The holidays can be a time of fun, relaxation, and celebration. Unfortunately, they can also bring a lot of stress. While some people may be tempted to deal with the tension by downing an eggnog loaded with rum, there are better — and more natural — ways to sidestep holiday stress. Here are 10 steps provided by Arbor Vitae Wellness Center in Santa Monica, California, that may help relieve the pressure.

1. Choose your focus

How you mentally approach the holidays can influence how you experience the season. Yes, Christmas and New Year’s can be a hectic time as you balance working, celebrating, and fulfilling the expectations of those around you. But it can also be a relaxing and fulfilling time spent with family and friends. So focus on the good things. Alter your speech and thoughts to emphasize the positive.

2. Plan of attack

If you’re running through the holiday season based on a list you’re keeping in your head, you’re riding on the edge. Take a moment to write a list. You can schedule when to bake, get shopping done early, plan decorations, and identify tasks you can delegate. By writing things down, you can relieve the stress of trying to keep track and remember it all.

3. Set aside time to prepare

If you have some vacation you can use, why not give yourself an extra long weekend to do some holiday preparations? Without spending a big chunk of your day at work, you can put your key productive hours into your own plans.

4. Maintain self-care

Don’t let workouts, therapeutic massages, or chiropractic visits slide because of holiday demands. You need time to recharge and revitalize.

5. Spend some time in the sun

Make sure you take advantage of sunny days by spending time by a window or taking a walk outside. Those warm rays will stimulate serotonin production and wards off seasonal affective disorder.

6. Citrus therapy

The smell of oranges is evocative of Christmastime for many people, and the scent of citrus is known to be a mood-booster. Putting a drop of essential oil on a handkerchief and breathing in the aroma may lift your mood, too.

7. Press your hand

Pressing the fleshy part between your thumb and forefinger — called the hoku in Oriental medicine — may help relieve tension. Apply firm pressure for 30 seconds while slowly breathing in and out.

8. The one-drink rule

Alcohol stimulates stress hormones, so don’t look to that wine bottle to relieve tension. Stick to a single drink.

9. Don’t obsess on perfection

Scores aren’t awarded for the best holiday spread. If the difference between “absolutely perfect” and “good enough” is driving you to distraction, reset your course toward less demanding goals.

10. Say no now and then

The holidays are a great time to help your friends, family, and community, but be sure you’re not overcommitting yourself. You can turn down some requests, and the world will still spin. Don’t spread yourself so thin you can’t enjoy the holidays.

Let Arbor Vitae Wellness Center help you find balance through the hectic Christmas season. Call or click to schedule an appointment for a chiropractic adjustment, massage, or other therapy today.

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