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Beyond Relaxation: 8 Health Benefits of Massage You Didn't Know

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Most people are well aware of the relaxing effects of massage, but massage has a few secret health benefits that are both proven and widely unknown. We’re ready to shed some light on these “best-kept secrets.”

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You love a good Swedish or deep tissue massage, but can you believe you could be experiencing these benefits while you enjoy a luxurious spa treatment?

  1. Massage can reduce the symptoms of cancer and the side effects of treatment. According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH), numerous studies have found that massage therapy can promote relaxation, reduce pain and improve the mood of patients undergoing treatment for cancer. However, it’s important to see a massage therapist who is familiar with the National Cancer Institute’s recommendations for massage during treatment.
  2. Massage can reduce or eliminate headaches and migraines. Although somewhat promising, research on the efficacy of massage in treating headaches and migraines is in its early stages. Despite the lack of research on this issue, many patients incorporate massage therapy into their plan for treatment and prevention and note positive results.
  3. Massage is an effective component of depression treatment. An analysis was conducted across 17 clinical trials to evaluate the role of massage therapy in the treatment and management of depression. This analysis confirmed that massage therapy may reduce symptoms. 
  4. Massage improves outcomes for patients with osteoarthritis. An hour of massage once or twice a week produced improved outcomes for patients suffering from osteoarthritis in a knee, according to one study. Results included less pain and stiffness and better overall function — and these results did not extend to the control group.
  5. Massage therapy alleviates anxiety symptoms. A review of multiple studies confirms that massage therapy can cut cortisol levels in half for many patients, helping to relieve the symptoms of anxiety. 
  6. Massage improves blood flow (and, subsequently, improved healing). Massage therapy improves blood flow to your tissues, and improved blood flow can provide a number of benefits including expedited healing. 
  7. Massage therapy improves the quality of life of people with HIV or AIDS. A 2010 review of four individual clinical trials found that massage may improve the quality of life for patients suffering from HIV or AIDS.
  8. Massage promotes weight gain in preterm infants. Perhaps the most unknown benefit is improved birth weight in infants born to mothers who received massage during their pregnancy and an improvement in weight gain in preterm infants who receive moderate pressure massage therapy.

At Arbor Vitae Wellness, we provide a full offering of naturopathic treatments, including therapeutic massage therapy. Book your appointment online today to take advantage of the myriad benefits that safe, natural massage therapy can provide.

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